This site, as the name suggests, is all about the self publishing world that has been created by Amazon. Amazon launched its KDP initiative and ever since, it has been a pioneer in the world of self publishing.

Here, on this site, you will learn more about the self publishing world, what is happening behind the scenes, how Amazon is changing and leveling the playing ground. Several authors are now finding it easy to sell their self published books on the kindle platform. You will find tutorials and guides on how to find the best books from a sea of eBooks that is only filling up due to all the books that are being published these days.

You will also learn about the Big 6 and their policies, agents and how they choose their authors, the problems and issues that authors have to face when working with these agents, and the merits and demerits of working with them. This site is intended for not only authors and writers, but also self publishers and readers who are interesting in gaining more knowledge on what is happening behind the scenes in the world of authors.

Some authors have become millionaires by self publishing, and you will read their success stories on the site that will help you understand their path to success, how they did it and how you could do it too.

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