Got language skills? Ever thought about self publishing your own “Learn a Language” book?

With current globalization, language skills are more important than ever. Many people already speak English and there are plenty of books in any language on how to learn it. But, for some jobs, languages like Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French can be just as important. Unfortunately, language courses are very expensive and take a lot of time, so people who just need a basic understanding of a language will most likely turn to self study. If you’re already fluent in a language and if you also have writing skills, you could consider writing your own self study book. Here are some tips on how to do this.

shutterstock_142539865Tips for writing a language book

If you never wrote a book before, stick with e-books, because they don’t require a lot of investments. The most important thing for your language book is to make it unique. There are many books on the market, but to stand out you need to do something new. You know a language not many speak? Make a self study book, it might be the first! If you have art skills or know a good illustrator, you can decide to make an illustrated book in an appealing style. If you have strong skills in a popular language like Spanish, you can try something along the line of: Spanish For Teachers Online.

Write, create and sell with Kindleeyesbooks

In a world where distances between cultures are getting smaller, language skills are very important. If you already have some, share it with the world and teach others by writing an ebook. Make your book special and use all the skills you have to do so. Take your time and let friends and family who are not familiar with the language try out your book before you publish it, because not every language expert is a writer yet! If you’re confident about the script, create your book through and sell your skills to the world on Amazon.