Self Publishing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2

mistake1-1In the previous post, you learned about the world of self publishing and how big time publishers are looking for authors who already have followers. Also about how authors today are trying to use the social media to build followers and using Amazon KDP program to self publish.

In this post, you will learn about the new ways of publishing that can save you a lot of trouble.

Self Publishing Guilds

During the last few years, some publishing houses with integrity have cropped up offering publishers a chance to publish books and supporting them at reasonable rates and prices. Some examples are CreateSpace and Lulu which allows you to publish books in paperback format, and you can decide the number of prints you want or need.

Review Sites

More and more sites are cropping up who like to post and invite readers to share and review self published books. These reviews are impartial and honest, no one is buying them or influencing them. Not only the editors review these eBooks, but the readers are also invited to review them. Sometimes, you will also find free review copies of the book for download if you are lucky enough. These readers belong to countries from all over the world and this creates a sense of harmony and community within the readers. A sense of belonging. Same is the case with forums where readers and authors come together to discuss books and topics.


This is a question that every author has to face – self publish and poverty or agents and the risk of rejection. Ultimately, this is a question that only the authors can and should answer. You now have a choice and only you can make it. No one else can because no one else understands you better than yourself. Are you ready?