Amanda Hocking – The First Millionaire Self-Publisher

hocking-scores-with-paranormal-romances-62p6mkl-x-largeAmanda Hocking created history when she became the first self published author to become a millionaire by selling her eBooks on the KDP platform on amazon. Since then the feat has been repeated by several others once they realized that it was indeed doable and possible.

Amanda sold over one million copies of her eBooks with the average per day being anywhere near 7000 copies per day. She specializes in the young adult fiction category. Of the 17 books that she had written, she only had to published 9 of them to achieve this rare and unheard of feat.

She later went on to sign a $2 million contract with St. Martin’s Press for a total of just 4 books. Amanda Hawking is just 26 years old and has already tasted success. Needless to say, the kindle direct publishing platform has changed the lives of the likes of Amanda Hocking, the prodigal child of the self publishing industry.

So far, she has written a series of novels on vampires, trolls (trylles) and hobgoblins. She has also been interviewed by the likes of The New York Times and The Washington Post. The reason behind her success and all the popularity that she enjoys is her penchant for omitting the necessary room for character and story building, and hitting all the right spots with teen adult romance, several boys going after a seemingly ordinary girl who turns out to be not only beautiful, but also a princess.

Several readers have compared her work with that of the Twilight saga and The Princess Diaries. It’s a cross between them. Teenagers find it fascinating and it leads them to believe that a prince or princess might come one day and sweep them off their feet. Sadly it rarely happens in the real world, but fiction is prettier than facts.