John Locke and Donovan Creed

john-lockeJohn Locke is known for his Donovan Creed series of novels that he published as a self publishing indie author on Amazon’s Kindle platform. He is the second author in a series of indie authors who have made it big and became millionaires by publishing on KDP.

Before he started publishing on the kindle platform, he already had some online marketing experience having developed niche insurance and investment websites. John Locke recognized the power and potential KDP had to offer the moment he saw it for the first time. He, like many others, firmly believes that the KDP program by Amazon evens the battleground of the world of authors in favor of indie authors.

John Locke became a millionaire indie author selling books for $0.99, when many other authors would steer clear of this road. The covert Big 6 and their authors would frown upon them, but John doesn’t care. He is making more money than a lot of authors do working for the Big 6.

Amazon pays 35 cents for every 99 cents book sold while the commission is doubled if the book is priced at $2.99. Yet many authors choose to sell their eBooks for 99 cents. This helps them build momentum and sell more eBooks at $2.99 price point making them loss leaders.

Amazon has turned the tables, and many now have realized the true potential of being an indie author, of how anyone from the comfort of their homes can become a millionaire. What was earlier believed to be largely impossible, has now become possible thanks to digital printing and ebooks, and the world has authors like Amanda Hocking and John Locke as examples who have inspired thousands if not millions of authors to write and publish to their heart’s desire.

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