Self Publishing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

self-publish-700If you are an indie author looking to self publish your book then you have come to the right place. Here, on this page, you will find a detailed tutorial on how to begin and master the world of indie publishing, how to publish your work on KDP and all the points you need to keep in mind when doing so. This is part one of the guide.

Unlike an ideal scenario, authors and publishers today have to struggle and wrestle with agents demanding time, money and attention in order to get their work published. Publishers are essentially looking for authors who already have a fan following.

But the real question is that if authors already has fans and following leading to sales, why and for what do they need the publishers for? This doesn’t makes any sense.

Here is why self publishing is not matured enough – at least not yet:

Perception and Truth

This is the truth. Go to any category and you will find books after books. Click open 25 of them at random and you will find that half of them are not good enough. Most are not even readable and the readers are already aware of this fact.

Labor Work

Everyone has their favorites and readers like to follow their favorite authors towards whom they are loyal. Word of mouth marketing also plays a major role in the process. This means a lot of marketing on social media, public events, and so on. Authors do not want to get involved in all that yet. They want to write, just write.

Reviews can lie

There was a time when reviews played a major role in the sales figures, however people have now realized that reviews can be bought, can be written by friends and family members and even competitors who are happy to dish out negative reviews. So who do you trust?

In the next part, you will learn more about what actually works in the self publishing world.